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Daisy Lynne-Bare Back Studios-Daddys Sweetheart

porn vids Daisy Lynne-Bare Back Studios-Daddys Sweetheart
adult video Daisy Lynne-Bare Back Studios-Daddys Sweetheart

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Daisy Lynne-Bare Back Studios-Daddys Sweetheart

Daisy is sleeping peacefully in her couch when her parent ambles in. She hears his mighty footsteps come in her apartment. She thinks, if she just remains asleep he'll leave her alone. But she can sense his mighty forearms pull down her blanket and pull at her clothes. Her bod unsheathed to the cold air and his squashing mitts. If she just keeps pretending to sleep he'll leave her alone.
Then she senses something rock-hard press against her slit and before she can moan his arm adorns her throat and his hard-on compels it's way inwards her. She perceives like she's going to tear apart. Daisy doesn't know what to do, she's bewildered and frightened as her parent drills her taut youthfull puss. She senses his meatpipe pulse and jizm start to trickle inwards every part of her twat. "This is our lil' secret" Father purrs to her and leaves her to horrified to go back to sleep.
Episode Two: Hurt Me dad
Daisy just doesn't want to go back home after college. She drapes out with her pals all night until they go to couch and leave Daisy to walk home. She attempts to sneak up to her apartment and lock the door but her wasted daddy catches her very first. “Do you know what time it is! Stand up.” He wails at her.
With a blank face Daisy stands like a damsel while her daddy smooches her neck and pulls up her t-shirt and boulder-holder. He unwraps her bare against the wall, drunkenly smooching her assets. She's thrown to the floor and made to deepthroat her dad as penalty. With his schlong mad firm he pulverizes her right there in the living apartment. As he plumbs her Daisy shutters and spunks in shame. With her bright eyes watery and her gullet open broad she takes her father's penalty all over her face.
Episode Three: Father's Doll
Parent, in blue denim & wifey beater. Inebriated. Strenuous Southern accent, shouts out to the yard from the front door to the yard, "Get in here Daisy, right now." Inwards he converses to her, "What are you doing with those boys? Huh?" She attempts to explain that they were just conversing. He moans at her and she dumps into tears. He says, "I know what you been doing. You're a tart just like your mummy." He pulls off his belt and wags it at her gams. She high steps it back; sobbing and praying, etc.. He tell her to, "Take off that tee-shirt and let me witness them mounds" and "Now take off them cut-offs and let me observe that tiny vulva of yours and then, "Come over here and pull out my spunk-pump and have fun with it til it gets rock-hard." She wanks him while on her knees and then he has her give a him a suck off and then boinks her all over the bed...He compels her to never mention this to anyone...
Vignette Four: Shutting my daughters-in-law facehole
Daisy perceives like her hair is going to tear out of her head as her parent spasms her throughout the palace and onto his sofa. He pinches her to the couch and spanks her backside. How could she be so dumb, she's in so much grief. She left her phone unlocked and now her parent knows about her texting men at college.
She whinges as father makes her puffy bumpers juggle with his sausage tearing up her honeypot. He looks for any pretext to penetrate her and now he has the brilliant reason to make her jizz. Daddy's rod banging away at her hurts so much but perceives excellent at the same time. She wails in disappointment at being used like a plumb nymph. Her dad tells her to gargle his meatpipe as he wanks his hefty flow into her face. Only parent gets to penetrate her, only dad gets to jizz on her face. Bare Back Studios
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